Shrine of Remembrance

Melbourne, Vic - 3001
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The Shrine of Remembrance, located in Melbourne, Victoria, stands as a solemn tribute to the servicemen and women who served Australia in times of war and peacekeeping missions. Built in the classical style and completed in 1934, the shrine is not only a significant landmark but also a place of reflection, commemoration, and education about Australia's military history.

Why Visit the Shrine of Remembrance

  • Historical Significance: Explore the shrine's exhibitions and galleries that showcase artifacts, memorabilia, and stories of Australia's involvement in conflicts throughout history.
  • Commemorative Ceremonies: Attend moving ceremonies and services held throughout the year, including ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, to pay respects to those who served.
  • Memorial Galleries: Visit the sanctuary and crypt, which houses the Stone of Remembrance and the Eternal Flame, symbolizing the sacrifice and enduring memory of Australia‚Äôs fallen soldiers.
  • Panoramic Views: Ascend to the shrine's upper balcony for panoramic views of Melbourne's skyline and the surrounding gardens, offering a serene setting for contemplation.
  • Educational Programs: Engage in educational programs and guided tours that offer insights into the shrine's architecture, history, and significance in Australian culture.

Best Time to Visit

The shrine is open daily, and the best time to visit is during quieter periods, such as weekday mornings, to fully appreciate the tranquility and significance of the site. Special events and ceremonies may draw larger crowds on certain dates, so check ahead if you prefer a quieter visit.

How to Get There

  • By Public Transport: Take a tram to the Shrine of Remembrance stop (tram routes 3, 5, 6, 16, 58, 64, 67, 72) or a train to nearby Flinders Street Station, followed by a short walk to the shrine.
  • By Car: Drive to the shrine, with limited parking available nearby. Consider using public transport during peak times or attending special events.

Tips for Visitors

  • Respectful Attire: Dress in respectful attire suitable for a place of remembrance and reflection.
  • Photography: Capture moments respectfully, especially during ceremonies and inside the memorial galleries.
  • Guided Tours: Take advantage of free guided tours to gain deeper insights into the shrine's architecture, symbolism, and historical significance.
  • Plan for Contemplation: Allow time for quiet contemplation and reflection, particularly in the sanctuary and surrounding gardens.
  • Accessibility: The shrine is wheelchair accessible, with ramps and elevators available for ease of navigation.

The Shrine of Remembrance serves as a poignant reminder of Australia's wartime sacrifices and a place of honor for those who served. Whether you visit to learn about history, attend a ceremony, or simply find solace in its peaceful surroundings, the shrine offers a meaningful and respectful experience for all visitors. Pay tribute to Australia's servicemen and women and discover the enduring legacy of courage, sacrifice, and remembrance at this iconic Melbourne landmark.

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Opening Hours Everyday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Fees Free admission
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