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Tasmania is an island state situated in Australia. The region is located around 240 km from the mainland of Australia. Hobart is the capital of the state, also the state's largest city. Tasmania derives its name from the famous Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, the first European to have sighted the island. 

Tasmania is famous for its incredible natural heritage; nearly half of the state is covered by World Heritage Sites, National Parks, and Reserves. The state is famous for its unique species of flora and fauna, thanks to its geographic isolation from the rest of the land.

The Salamanca Market is the most important attraction of the capital city of Hobart. It is held each Sunday morning and draws thousands of tourists from across the world. The Museum of Old and New Art- Mona is the largest private museum in Australia and houses a unique collection of antiquities and modern art, renowned the world over. Kunanyi Mt. Wellington is another important attraction of the state. Situated just 20 minutes away from the capital, the drive to the spectacular summit takes tourists through temperate rainforests, glacial rock formations as well as sub-Alpine vegetation! At the top is situated an Interpretation Center; several activities liking hiking, trail biking, etc are organized. The Port Arthur Historic Site is a major landmark of the state, a convict site, which once housed as many as twelve thousand five hundred inmates! 

There are around 100 tourist attractions in Tasmania. This is 2% of all tourist attractions listed in Australia. Top cities in Tasmania with popular tourist destinations are Hobart, Launceston, Coles Bay, Devonport and Berriedale. The major types of tourist attractions listed here are nature attractions and museums. Then there is also landmarks listed in Tasmania. You may find a list of all categories of Tasmania attractions on this page. Click on a category to find all attractions of Tasmania of that type.

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